GoldenGate学习1–Oracle GoldenGate Overview

5月 15th, 2018

Oracle GoldenGate Overview
1. Oracle GoldenGate software enable real-time, continuous movement of transactional data across operational and analytical business systems;
2. Real-Time Acccess to Real-Time Information
1. Real-Time Access:availability,the degree to which information can be instantly accessed;
2. Real-Time Information:integration,the process of combining data from different sources to provide a unified view;
3. Transactional Data Management
1. Oracle GoldenGate provides low-impact capture, routing, transformation, and delivery of database transactions across heterogeneous environments in real time;
2. Key Capabilities:
1. Real Time:moves with sub-second latency;
2. Heterogeneous:moves changed data across different databases and platforms;
3. Transactional:maintains transaction integrity;
3. Additoinal Differentiators:
1. Performance:log-based capture moves thousands of transactions per second with low impact;
2. Extensibility and Flexibility:meets variety of customer needs and data environments with open, modular architecture;
3. Relibility:resilient against interrputions and failures;
4. Technical Architecture Overview;
5. Oracle GoldenGate Topologies;
6. Oracle GoldenGate Solutions:
1. High Availability and Disaster Torlerance:
1. Live Standby;
2. Active-Active;
3. Zero-Downtime Operations for upgrades, migrations, Maintenance;
2. Real-Time Data Integration:
1. Real-time Data warehousing;
2. Live Reporting;
3. Transactional Data Integration;
3. Oracle GoldenGate Solutions Overview;
7. Oracle GoldenGate:Databases and Platforms
1. O/S and Platforms:
1. Windows 2000, 2003, xp;
2. Linux;
3. Sun Solaris;
4. HP NonStop;
5. HP-UX;
6. HP TRU64;
7. HP OpenVMS;
9. IBM z/OS;
2. Databases:
1. Capture:
1. Oracle;
2. Mysql;
3. IBM DB2;
5. Sybase ASE;
6. Ingres;
7. Teradata;
8. Enscribe;
9. SQL/MP;
10. SQL/MX;
2. Delivery:
1. all listed above;
2. HP Neoview, Netezza and any ODBC compatible databases;
3. ETL products;
4. JMS message queues or topics;
8. Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Active Data Guard;
1. For information distribution and consolidation, application upgrades and changes:use goldengate-heterogeneous,active-active,transformations,subsetting;
2. for disaster recovery/data protection/ha:
1. simple full oracle database protection:use active data guard;
2. applicatoin desiring flexible ha,active-active,schema change,platform changes:use oracle goldengate;
3. combine the two for full database protection and information distribution;
9. Oracle GoldenGate Advantages;
10. Oracle GoldenGate Director(gg的图形化管理界面)
1. Manages,defines,configures,and reports on Oracle GoldenGate components;
2. Key features:
1. Centralized management of Oracle GoldenGate modules;
2. Rich-client and Web-based inferfaces;
3. Alert notifications and integration with 3rd-party monitoring products;
4. Real-time feedback;
5. Zero-impact implementation;
3. A graphical enterprise application that offers a visual and intuitive way to define,configure,manage,and report on all GoldenGate transactional data synchronization processes;
4. Prerequisites:
1. oracle weblogic server 11g standard,includes a JDBC driver needed for the Diector repository and appropriate version of JRE;
2. the Director Server repository requires databses:oracle or mysql 5.x;
3. Director installer requires a windows system and Unix or Linux systems;
11. Oracle GoldenGate Veridata(数据比较工具);
1. A high-speed,low impact data comparison solution:
1. identifies and reports data discrepancies between two database without interrupting those systems or the business processes they support;
2. supports Oracle, Teradata, MSSQL, NonStop, SQL/MP and Enscribe;
3. Support homogeneous and heterogeneous compares;
2. Benefits:
1. Reduce financial/legal risk exposure;
2. Speed and simplify IT work in comparing data sources;
3. No disruption to business systems;
4. Imporved failover to backup systems;
5. Confident decision-making and reporting;
12. Oracle GoldenGate products
1. Oracle GoldenGate:Includes GoldenGate Capture,Deliver and Active Data Guard and XSystem;
2. Oracle GoldenGate for Mainframe:Includes GoldenGate Capture and Deliver for HP NonStop and IMB DB2 on z/OS;
3. Oracle GoldenGate Veridata:Add-on capability to validate data in replicated systems;
4. Management Pack for GoldenGate:Add-on management pack,includes Oracle GoldenGate Director;
5. Oracle GoldenGate Adapters:Pre-packaged application content,such as for Flat File and Java adapters;
13. GodelGate and Streams
1. GoldenGate is Oracle’s strategic replicatoin solution;
2. Streams continues to be a supported Oracle Databases feature;
3. Best Stream technology will be integrated into GoldenGate;